Traditional Yorkies and

Parti Yorkshire Terriers

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Parti-Colored Yorkies
Traditional Yorkies

Golden Sable Yorkies

Raising healthy, happy furry companions since 1998

Yorkshire Terriers are BIG personality dogs in a tiny package. They are highly intelligent social companions. As such, Yorkie puppies crave human interaction and long to be your best friend and sidekick. Here at Blueberry Brook Yorkies, these tiny social bundles of you are our life. We strive to breed the best in beautiful, healthy, happy long-term furry companions. 

Looking for a Puppy?

Thank you for your interest in our Yorkshire Terrier puppies. We take a very personal approach to helping you choose the perfect yorkie puppy. To find out how to make one of the part of your family, please answer the questions on the following application.

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